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Boyds Bears Plush-We have thousands of Plush Boyds Bears and Friends, Longaberger, QVC and other Exclusive Boyds Bears, Christmas Ornaments, Nativity, Boyds Bears Wuzzies, Vintage and Rare Boyds Bears Plush, Boyds Hares, Boyds Moose and Critters


All Official BOYDS BEARS STORE Boyds Bears PLUSH Boyds Bears BAILEY and Friends Boyds HARES and CRITTERS Boyds Bears WUZZIES Boyds Bears RESIN Boyds Bears BEARSTONES Yesterdays' Child DOLLSTONES Boyds Bears TREASURE BOXES Boyds Bears PINS SALE! STUFF Boyds Bears QUILT Patches RARE Boyds Bears Judith G Boyds Bears Boyds HOLIDAYS Boyds Bears CHRISTMAS Boyds Bears NATIVITY Boyds Bears ORNAMENTS Valentine's Day St. Patrick's Day Easter Mother's Day Patriotic (July 4,Memorial,Labor Day) Halloween Thanksgiving Birthdays BEARINGTON BEARS NEW RELEASES BOYDS BEARS FASHION FAMILIES A-L Beardeaux Bearican Bearybloom Bearyproud Beezley Burrbruin Cherrybeary Cocobeary Cooper Crystalfrost Daisydew Dickens Dubearvois Engelbreit Flurries Flutterlee Gingerbeary Goodfriends Heartlee LaBrewin Ladybug LeFleur BOYDS BEARS FASHION FAMILIES M-Z Maybearie McLemon McPunkin McRind McVeggie Nestling Oakley Paisley Patchbeary Pearsley Plumbeary Primsley Quiltbeary Rosebeary Rosemoor Strawbeary Sugarcone Sugarmelon Tartenbeary Tweeter Woodsbeary Woolbeary EXCLUSIVES/LE BBC Canadian Country Clutter Cracker Barrel Dillards Disney Hershey Longaberger POG QVC SFMB Yankee Candle Other Exclusives MEMBERS GIFT CERTIFICATES
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Thomasina F. Wuzzie-Boyds Bears Kitty Cat Wuzzie #596009
Care R. Giver-Boyds Bears Nurse Ornament #564014
A Spot of Tea Anyone-Boyds Bears Judith G Exclusive ***RARE***
Pansey-Boyds Mohair Bears #590060 LE
Celestine, Peace and Hope-Boyds Bears Tree Topper & Angel Set #904871 QVC Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Nurse Luv N. Care-Boyds Bears #903193
Johnny-Boyds Bears #919912 Coca-Cola Exclusive
I Love My Cat-Boyds Bears Ornament #562732
Piglet Winter Holiday-Boyds Bears & Disney Store Exclusive Plush & Resin #21346 RARE!
Sleepy Nick... The Day After-Boyds Bears Santa #904831
Hopplebeary with Egg Basket-Boyds Bears Bunny Rabbit Hare M&M's Exclusive #919031
Brittney-Boyds Bears #94183YF York Fair Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Eddie-Boyds Bears #94190YF York Fair Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Wilson (New Face)-Boyds Bears #5705
Wilson (Old Face)-Boyds Bears #5705
Otto von Bruin-Boyds Bears #5010 Wool Bear Series
Lucinda de La Fleur-Boyds Bears Bunny Rabbit Hare #91705
Annie & Jennifer Hopkins-Boyds Bears Bunny Rabbit Hares #C56957 QVC Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Fireman Glen-Boyds Bears #94192YF York Fair Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Connor-Boyds Bears #94187YF York Fair Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Farrah-Boyds Bears #94191YF York Fair Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Wally Fishbreath-Boyds Bears Seal #55218
Eudemia Q. Quignapple-Boyds Bears #91006 with Iron & Ironing Board
Dottie Q. Hopples-Boyds Bears Bunny Rabbit Hare #825301
Happy Bee Bear-Boyds Bears #4018022
Eggcellent!-Boyds Bears Judith G Exclusive Easter Bunny Hares***RARE***
Sunny Beachbeary-Boyds Bears #4038189 BBC LE***SALE***
Mary Lucinda & Marjorie Mayberry-Boyds Bears #C63338 QVC Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Chelsea Starsdale-Boyds Bears #4039043 Show Special***SALE***
U. R. MyFriend-Boyds Bears #93612V QVC Exclusive