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Complete any Boyds Bears collection with their adorable and fun-loving accessories for displaying and accenting cherished plush and resin bears. Boyds accessories are created with the same dedication to quality and cuteness for which the bears are famous. Showcase Boyds Bears collectibles with their unique accessories.


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Bear Hollow Honey Stand-Boyds Bears Accessory #6522 ***RARE***
The Carrot Stand-Boyds Bears Accessory #6520 ***RARE***
Celestine, Peace and Hope-Boyds Bears Tree Topper & Angel Set #904871 QVC Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Miss Macintosh's Ol' Fashioned Iron Desk-Boyds Bears Accessory #654860
Matthew's Lamp Post-Boyds Bears Accessory #654855 ***Hard to Find***
Krystal Isinglass...Snow Angel-Boyds Bears Folkstone #28206
Chase's Sit-A-Spell Wooden Bench-Boyds Bears Accessory # 654943
Bailey's Central Park Gate-Boyds Bears Accessory #654853
Eudemia Q. Quignapple-Boyds Bears #91006 with Iron & Ironing Board
Green Bistro Set-Boyds Bears Five Pc Table & Chairs Set ***Hard to Find***
The Twelve Days of Christmas-Boyds Bears Bearstone Lighted Christmas Tree #27611 ***RARE***
Crystalfrost Sleigh-Boyds Bears Wooden Sleigh
Renee LaBrewin's Bistro Table & Chair-Boyds Bears Accessory #654875 ***Hard to Find***
Murphy-Boyds Bears Moose Gift Set #573050
Waddles-Boyds Bears Penguin Gift Set #573048
Ol' St. Nick...Up on the Roof Top-Boyds Bears Bearstone Musical Waterglobe #270520
Clarence Angel-Boyds Bears Bearstone #2753SF San Francisco Music Box Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Neville...The Bedtime Bear-Boyds Bears Bearstone #2754SF San Francisco Music Box Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
Neville Compubear-Boyds Bears Resin #2768SF San Francisco Music Box Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
The Secret-Boyds Bears Bearstone #2764SF San Francisco Music Box Exclusive ***Hard to Find***
The Collector-Boyds Bears #2762SF San Francisco Music Box Exclusive***Hard to Find***
Daphne and Eloise-Boyds Bears #2760SF San Francisco Music Box Exclusive
Jacque Downhill Crumpleton-Boyds Bears Crumpleton #73103 ***RARE***
Blizzard Wizard-Boyds Bears Sled Accessory #658141
Mr. Kringlebeary, Elmer & Christmas Tree-99025SR ***Hard to Find***SALE***
Aspen & Tahoe...Enjoy the Ride-Boyds Bears Musical Water Globe #270508
Picture Frame Ornament-Boyds Bears #25307
Let It Snow-Boyds Bears Bearstone Musical Water Globe #2799SF SF Music Box Exclusive
Sunny's Beach Bag with Shelly McNibble-Boyds Bears Treasure Box #02014-42
Barnaby Jr...Homeward Bound-Boyds Bears Carvers Choice Snowman #370101