Official Boyds Bears

Kelsey M. Jodibear with Arby T. Tugalong-Boyds Bears #900209


Kelsey is a winsome golden bear of Straight of Jody Battaglia's wonderful designs. Kelsey is getting ready for a weekend of Antique Hunting with her cousins Sarah Beth and Herbert Henry...they love to attend the Auctions and Estate Sales. All the bear essentials are packed for her trip - a change of Clothes - a lovely leather Suitcase big enough to haul home her "finds" - and a Traveling Companion! Arby is a Pull Toy bear like a Wuzzie on Wheels (now there's an idea)...If Kelsey has good luck finding treasures in the trash...maybe we'll see her on the next "Antiques Road Show"?!



Item Number: 900209

Introduced: October 1999

Height: 7.50"

Materials: mohair with polyfill stuffing

Poseable: Yes

Status: Retired

Limited Edition: No

Edition Size: 12,998



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