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Queen Quitealot with Lil' Huffensnort-Boyds Bears #93785H HSN Exclusive Set ***RARE***


Queen Quitealot is 15 inches tall, poly filled, She is fully jointed and posable with golden brown colored fur with tan felt paw and foot pads. Item #93785H. Dressed in her royal high collared gown of gold, cream and green. Accented with gold braided trim on sleeves, neck, waist and hem of dress front. Gold button at the waist. Gold silk pantalooms. Wearing a gold fabric crown on her head. The Boyds Best Dressed Series was introduced on HSN in 2005 and Now Retired

Her little dragon Lil' Huffensnort is 6 inches tall, poly filled green and tan in color. Bright embroidered eyes. Item #93785H H.B. Heirloom Series.


Item #93785H & #93785H

HSN Exclusive Set

Height: 15" & 6

Materials: plush

Introduced: 2005

Poseable: yes

Status: retired


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