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Private D. Ration-Boyds Bears Cow #94212HE Hershey's Exclusive ***Hard to Find***


November 2004 Hershey Exclusive.

Sure, this soldier enjoys chocolate when he's home on R and R, but it often keeps him going out in the field, too! Private Ration D is a 10 inch high black and white, fully jointed poly and bean-filled cow who commemorates the smart (and sweet) folks at Hershey(r) who developed special chocolate bars that kept our guys goin' during World War II! Private Ration D wears a period khaki Army uniform and cap (with a special exception made for his tail!) and features metallic silver Hershey(r) Kiss embroidery on his left foot!

Item Number: 94212HE

Introduced: October 2004

Height: 10"

Materials: plush fur with poly stuffing

Poseable: Yes

Status: Retired

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