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Alvis Q. Bearnap with Snoozy T. Puddlemaker-Boyds Bears #900208 BBC Limited Edition

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Alvis Q. Bearnap with Snoozy T. Puddlemaker

Item #900208

Introduction: 1999

Uptown Collection

chenille fur with bean and polyfill stuffing

14in H


Alvis is ready to catch some Z's in his Buffalo Plaid flannel Stocking Cap and Pajamas. These aren't your modern Wimpy Jammies, but the Ol' Fashioned kind that really keeps ya toasty - complete with Feets and a Drop Seat! His pet pooch Snoozy nicely complements Al's red-and-black color scheme...you gotta admire a couple a guys who look Stylish even when they're Sleeping. Say...where can we buy those P.J.'s in People Sizes before Winter sets in?!

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