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The Boyds Bears Store-About Us

BOYDS BEARS AUTHORITY- We, at The Boyds Bears Store, decided to share these adorable bears with anyone who appreciates their originality, personality, value and downright cuteness! They are bound to put a smile on your face and warm your heart! We pride ourselves on years of knowledge, experience, honesty and integrity. We have been Boyds Bears/Enesco Dealers & contributors to the Boyds Tracker Guide.

If you need assistance identifying or valuing your Boyds Bears, please go to They have this information for Plush and Resin.

As we have stated, Boyds Bears are no longer being produced. Although there are no more new designs (so sad), we, as a retailer, decided to purchase inventory back from Gift Shops and Stores that have discontinued the Boyds Bears line, or are closing their doors. We are contacted from retailers around the World to purchase remaining inventory (New old store stock). Although we do not purchase collections from private collectors, we occasionally purchase NEW items from stores liquidating their inventory on Ebay. Ebay also serves as a clearing house for individual collections because their agreement stipulates items must be designated as NEW or used so on occasion, we will purchase NEW items on Ebay. 99% of our inventory is purchased from stores that are closing or discontinuing the sale of Boyds Bears.

If you have any questions about our Boyds Bears, please feel free to contact us!  

About The Boyds Collection

The Boyds Collection Ltd. began as an antiques shop in the home of its founder, chairman emeritus, and the "Head Bean", G.M. Lowenthal and his partner (now wife), Justina Unger (Lowenthal). The company expanded into decoy ducks, wool teddy bears and Gnomes Homes.

In 1987, the firm relocated to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and the company continued to grow.

In 1993, Boyds released its first series of resin figurines, The Bearstone Collection, and followed that with Folkstones, Dollstones, and a host of other wacky resin characters, villages, dolls, pottery, treasure boxes, and nifty home decor. The Boyds Collection has continued to grow by leaps and bounds over the years, but, as G.M. says, "We're alot bigger than when we were a "Mom and Pop" shop, but for better or worse, we still run it like a "Mom and Pop" shop, only on steroids! We're still a little disorganized and a little off-center, and slightly eccentric...just like our bears!!!

Boyds® by Enesco® products are not toys, they are collector pieces, not intended for children. They are designed for and intended for decorative purposes only and should be kept in a location where children do not have access