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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Rosemary Bearhugs...TLC-Boyds Bears Nurse Bearstone #228316 *


An ol'fashioned Nurse in a vintage 1940's uniform, Nurse Bearhugs dispenses Medicine that goes down rea-a-a-l easy...Red Heart pills for Love, and White Cross pills for Kisses. Sure tastes better than what you had ta force down your gullet last time you wuz sick - and better tastin than Hospital Food for that matter! Rosemary has a wonderfully kind and caring Bedside Manner...probably from the training she received from Mercy, the Angel of Nurses...the best influence a Caregiver (or her patient) could possibly want!

Item Number: 228316

Introduced: October 1999

Height: 3"

Materials: cold cast resin

Poseable: No

Status: Retired

Limited Edition: No

Edition Size: 3600

Quote: "Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts." - Charles Dickens

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