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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Catherine Berriweather and Little Scruff-Boyds Bears #02000-51 *

$38.99 $44.99

Boyd's Bears CATHERINE BERRIWEATHER & LITTLE SCRUFF was offered a redemption piece for members of Friends of Boyds in 2000. Catherine is a 10" mocha bear who is wearing a hand knit navy and white ramie sweater with two Boyd's buttons. A burgundy satin ribbon is tied in a bow at her neck. She wears a large navy felt hat which is encircled with burgundy satin ribbon. The bottom of her left foot has an embroidered band with"FOB 2000" and the signature paw print on it.

LITTLE SCRUFF is a small 3" gold clipped chenille bear. His legs and paws are jointed and he has a narrow burgundy ribbon at his neck. His nose and mouth are embroidered in black and he has soulful beady eyes. Obviously, Catherine must have loved him a lot, because he has patches on his back and his belly and stitches on his paws.

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