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Herbert Henry Jodibear-Boyds Bears #92000-05

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Remember back when you were in school...there was always one little boy who could always be counted on to cause Mischief? Like pulling your Ponytail...or hiding a Frog in Teacher's desk drawer. Well, in the Boyds Country School we have such a character - Herbert Henry - who goes by "Hank" (if ya know what's good for you!) He's dressed oh, so properly for the first day of the School Year - but when Ms. Bruin turns her back - watch out. (No matter what he's up to, he's still a lovable little guy - don't you agree?)

Item Number: 92000-05

Introduced: October 1999

Height: 9"

Materials: plush fur with polyfill stuffing

Poseable: Yes

Status: Retired


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