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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Hook, Peter, Wendy, & Tink...The Rescue-Boyds Bears Bearstone #227811 *


Boyds Bears and Friends Resin Figurine

Hook, Peter, Wendy & Tink... The Rescue

Item # 227811

Limited Edition 

“Unless we believe in the hero, what is there to believe.” - Stevens

This adorable, Limited Edition, Boyds resin figurine is teaming with adventure! Hook has captured Wendy and Tink, but Peter Pan has come to save the day. This piece was released in October 2003 and has since been retired. It is 4.5” tall and 7” in length and has its Certificate of Authenticity and box, which is in excellent condition. The sword was broken upon original purchase but has since been repaired and is virtually unnoticeable (see picture). However, the best part of this little treasure is that Tink LIGHTS UP ! The battery was replaced before listing so you should have many nights basking in the glow of this little beauty!

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