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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Mrs. Stout with Lil' Steamy... The Sweetest Kind of Tea-Boyds Bears Bearstone #4021087 *

$124.99 $139.99

Mrs. Stout with Lil' Steamy... The Sweetest Kind of Tea

Item #4021087


Introduction: Summer 2010

Boyds Special Editions

Stone Resin

11in H x 5.5in W



Tea for Two! This whimsical adaptation depicts a mama bear and her lil' cub doing their beary best teapot and teacup impersonation. Mrs. Stout stands 11" tall and wears a flower accented teapot costume. With her arms positioned to resemble a handle and spout, the sculpted teapot design features embossed flower accents with a sculpted ribbon tied to the teapot cap. With arms held wide open, Lil' Steamy stands 4.5" tall and wears a teacup costume with matching floral accent. An iridescent paint over-wash gives both costumes the appearance of glazed porcelain.

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