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Mooselclaus Snugglefit-Boyds Bears Resin Moose #36916


Boyds Bears Critter & Co. figurine. Mooselclaus Snugglefit is a resin figure. 2004  He is trying to fit into a much too small Santa suit. The detail is priceless! Our moose is wearing green and white striped knit underwear. He has managed to get the red coat on and the hat is fine, but he is holding up the red pants that seem to have shrunk since the last wearing. His big feet seem to fit the black boots. Boyds patches are on the legs and on the coat sleeves. Boyds quality all the way Bottom Quote: "The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight." - Arthur Ashe. This figure measures 7.5ins. tall. # 36916. Retired

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