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Dickens Carolers-Boyds Bears Dickens Family, Tug Along, Sleigh & Window Frame ***RARE*** *

$299.99 $329.99

Boyds Bears Dickens Carolers-These Caroling bears wear mink-style hats, plaid wool coats with mink-style trim and fancy buttons, green velvet pants, and feature holly berry embroidery on their foot pads. Introduced: 2003, Retired


Vivian Q Dickens #904220 16"

Annabelle Dickens #904222 12

Marley Dickens #904221 14"

Charles the Dog #904225 6"

Isabelle Dickens #904224 8"

Dickens Wooden Sleigh

Charles the Dog Resin Tug Along #654258

Isabelle's Window Frame #658177


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