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Caring for Your Bears

We, as your loveable, adoring and collectible bears and hares, know that sometimes (when ya least expect it) we get dusty and maybe a wee bit dirty. Playin' in dark corners and pouncin' on unsuspecting dust bunnies will do that to a Boyds critter!

Wunderin' how to keep us spic and span (aside from chainin' us down)? Follow these cleanin' methods to give us that almost new, squeaky-clean (but devil-may-care) look.

Resin Figurines

An unused soft makeup brush or paint brush (no turpentine, please) will remove dust very easily. (But it really tickles, so please be kind!)

Using a can of compressed air will also do the trick. (But please watch the eyes and ears!).

Finally, any small electronic vacuum will clean us up nicely. (It's the best kinda massage!).

Although you may like bubble baths, you can't take us in there with ya (that's what rubber ducks are for!). Please forgo the soapy water - it's murder on our delicate details!

Plush Critters

Spot cleaning with a damp cloth is a great way to spiff us up! (While you're at it, a tummy rub wouldn't hurt!).

But wait, yer not quite done. Haven't you forgot sumptin'? A big hug will make us feel like our old selves again!

Special Primpin' Instructions Fer Yer Plush

Ok, so we aren't the best travelers. How do you think you'd look if you were crammed in a tiny little box with several other of yer best friends and shipped across the country (minus the complimentary peanuts and soda)? Answer: Pretty Shabby!

Well, we critters got a quick fix. Grab a brush and scissors, set us up on the barber's stool, and go to town (please no electric razors!). You'll want to brush the fur in the direction of the nap (gently, gently!), and for those stubborn fly-aways, nothin's better than homeade hairspray (i.e. spit). If we're made of Chenille, forget it - start brushin and watch the fur fly! Besides, we were meant to look a bit disheveled.

If yer wonderin' what happened to our eyeballs, "They're There," just covered up by stray fur. If yer not crazy about the Veronica Lakes look, take a pair of small embroidery scissors and, veddy carefully, trim along the edge of each eyeball. It's betta to hold scissor blades at a 90-degree angle to our eyes - that way, yer trimmin's not even noticable (and you won't poke our eyes out!).

We don't mean to make yer life difficult, and truly dust and dirt don't bother us a bit! (Bears and hares like sportin' the well-loved look!). But if we start to make tracks, then it's time to take action. And we promise not to squirm if you follow these guidelines!

Bears and Hares You Can Trust

Since 1979, The Boyds Collection Ltd. has been creating Affordable Antique Reproductions and collectibles.